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open Cinevood Web On Jio or any Mobile Net with Opera with free VPN

Posted 2019/08/01 1371 0

How to Access Cinevood and other blocked Websites On Reliance Jio or any 4G Network

Use VPN to Access Blocked Sites

Most of the popular torrent and free movie downloading sites are blocked on Reliance Jio and other 4G network.
If you try to reach a cinevood site to download a film, you will see a warning which tells you are not authorized to access that page.

So if you wish to access a movie live stream site or a torrents download site on Reliance Jio or other 4G wireless network, follow the steps provided in the link below.

– go to playstore and search ” Opera with free VPN ” and install it

– after install done open it and click on setting

– enable vpn

– disable vpn for private tabs only

– enjoy. visit www.cinevood.live